Our Dealers

An introduction to some of our dealers.

Shop 6


I am one of the managers at the Centre and part owner of The Coliseum.

Like most dealers, my love of antiques and collectables is out of control and indeed led to the need to have an outlet for my addiction. I don’t really like ‘normal’ shopping, but somehow shopping for antiques at markets, auctions and antique shops etc is different and I seek this ‘activity’ out wherever I am in the world. I have an eclectic range of stock but have a special passion for mannequins, puppets, Staffordshire china (especially the spaniel dogs), Asian artefacts and boxes of all descriptions. I like to change things around in my house, so I often sell off possessions that I have had for a while. (There are sometimes moments of regret when a special item is sold but I am working on non-attachment.)..Bronwyn

Shop 50


I began collecting as a young boy. My grandparents owned cinemas in Swansea and Merriwa. They didn’t value the old movie posters, programs and equipment and would throw out whatever wasn’t being used. I collected it and still treasure it.

My passion was ignited and I branched out, and have collected all sorts of unique items over many years. My first shop was at The Centenary Antique Centre in 1993. I’ve also had shops at Pymble Antiques, Beaumont Street Collectables and Miami Antique Centre in Queensland.  Now I am trading exclusively from Coliseum Antiques.

My shop is literally overflowing with a wide range of antiques including some of those movie items from the 20s to the 50s, militaria, royalty items, cameras, coins, badges and Australiana wares. I enjoy creating displays within my shop and can often be seen in Shop 50 redesigning my space.  Brian

Shop 9


Somersault Antiques stocks a broad range of 20th century collectables and antiques to suit avid collectors and people with an eye for beauty and style.

We offer affordable collectables and treasures with the occasional OMG I finally found it moment!

Somersault Antiques is the result of a lifetime of hunting and gathering throughout Australia and beyond.  Donna and Chris



Welcome to Fleamarketbuzz.

I had a stall at the Clignancourt Market in Paris for 8 years and now back in Australia I travel to France every year to inspire and reinvent myself – to be part of that Flea market Frenzy and Excitement.

I love the outdoor Weekend Market at Vanves, the Brocante Street Markets all over Paris and the atmosphere at Drouot, the Paris Auction Emporium.

I buy and ship back stock for my stall at The Coliseum hoping to give a taste of that Flea Market thrill.

Here at Shop 2,  you will find some of my hand picked French Brocante items with additions from Thrift Shops and Markets found over here.

Garden, Workshop and Kitchen Items

Antique Linen and Lace, Sewing Collectables

Vintage charm with lots of interesting and quirky ideas to inspire you          Jutta

Shop 17

I have always loved antiques and interesting wares and spent a lot of my free time in The Coliseum over the years.  After mentioning to the owner, George, that my house looked like The Coliseum, he suggested that I take up a shop of my own.  So after 28 years of a career in Child Care, I began in Shop 17 with my good friend Kath.

We source interesting vintage and antique objects for our buyers to take home and love.

Kath and I also make a range of beautiful semi precious beaded jewellery for you to own or gift to your loved ones.  Teresa – and Kathy